Manatee Features


Client/Server Application

  • server (manateesrv) runs on UNIX, Windows 95+/NT
  • client (Bonito) -- graphical user interface (GUI, see screenshots) runs on UNIX + X Window, Windows 95+/NT, Macintosh
  • Internet - even a modem connection is sufficient for proper work

Powerful Query Language

  • single attribute, i.e.: wordform or respective annotation (lemma, tag)
  • regular expressions over attributes (word, lemma, tag)
  • Boolean expressions (and, or, not) of attributes
  • regular expressions over positions (sequence, omission, alternation, repetition and arbitrary combinations)
  • structures (like sentence boundaries): start tag, end tag, whole structure
  • dynamic attributes and multivalues behave like regular attributes
  • fast query evaluation of complex queries

Easy To Create Concordance Lists

  • P/N filter (lines with matching positions in given span will remain in concordance list / will be deleted from conc. list)
  • query history
  • named queries (list of favorite queries with notes for immediate use)
  • templates (substitution of parameters in templates of complex queries)


  • locate and highlight words in context
  • more than 1 collocation (no limit in number)
  • collocation can occupy more than 1 position (sequence of words)

Concordance Manipulation

  • save conc. list into text file
  • print conc. list on printer
  • delete selected lines
  • reduce -- only given number of random lines remain in conc. list
  • simple sort -- sort according to keywords, left or right context
  • undo
  • named concordances

Concordance Presentation

  • selection of displayed positional/structural attributes, values of structures
  • positional attributes only for keywords
  • extended context
  • interactive widening of extended context
  • graphical view of occurrences

Generic Sort

  • more than one sorting criteria
  • duplicity elimination
  • sort options (case folding, language dependent criteria, backward)

Frequency Distribution

  • unlimited number of grouping levels
  • subtotals
  • frequencies of words (or values of other pos. attributes) in context

Collocation Candidates

  • list of words in given span on given attributes
  • MI-score, T-score for each word

Basic Handling Of Parallel (Aligned) Corpora

Language Independence

  • any set of tags can be used
  • encoding could be selected from a wide range of encodings
  • sorting and case folding is performed according to given language and encoding

Easy GUI Localization

  • English and Czech version of graphical user interface
  • adding new language is only translation of two files (resource [480 lines], menu [80 lines])

Future versions

  • support for more platforms (please email your wishes to
  • multiple parallel corpora support